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A New Generation of Filtration Systems and Process Water Recovery Technology.

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For High-rise buildings

For Cooling Towers

WHR in Cooling Towers

For Water Bottling Industry

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The AENVIRO VORTICYCLO Sand Filter is manufactured by AENVIRO for Fluidyne Int'l Corp. It is a new-generation precisely engineered filter system consisting of a carbon steel, stainless steel or fiberglass filter tank depending on application that uses a permanent sand and gravel filter media. The sand filter can be supplied as a complete system with a strainer, re-circulat- ing pump and NEMA 3R control panel (PLC option available), all mounted on a powder coated steel frame prior to shipping, depending on size of system - or as a stand- alone unit for retrofit to other inefficient systems.

The filter is designed for 15-20 GPM/sq.ft. (1.14-1.5 l/s per 0.093 m²) flow rates and is used to remove contaminants from cooling towers, condensers and other
mechanical process water equipment. The filter will remove contaminants with a specific gravity higher than 1.2, with a spherical size greater than 10 microns up to 98.9%, and contaminants concentration from 2% by weight.

Essentially, waste process water enters tangentially or circumferentially at the top of the filter then passes through a cyclonic piping mechanism (VORTICYCLO) designed to ensure dynamic rotation of the water and to prevent any solids from settling at the top of the sand media, and agglomerating. Side diffuser plates are used in strategic locations with their leading edges angled towards the mid-point of the vessel, ensuring continuous agitation of top of media. A cleaner fluid passes through the sand media, screens and a filtrate chamber where it may undergo further bacteria destruction with the installation of our optional UV light systems, ozonation or electronic precipitation prior to discharge/use.

Features and Benefits of Parts & Components

  1. Waste process water enters at upper level passing through the VORTICYCLO piping, ensuring dynamic rotation of the fluid, forcing the contaminated water to continuously spin, without agglomerating. Side diffuser plates ensure continuous agitation of contaminants, thus preventing "blanketing" at top of media.
  2. The "VORTICYCLOED" liquid passes through the sand and pea gravel media to screens at the bottom of the sand filter.
  3. Cleaner fluid enters a filtrate chamber where it may undergo further bacteria destruction via UV lights, ozonation or electronic precipitation prior to discharge/use.
  4. When backwashing (reversing flow) using cleaner fluid, flaps on the VORTICYCLO piping open to receive more waste/contaminants being discharged. During filtration, these flaps are closed with a small amount of pressurized fluid exiting to small spray nozzle holes to agitate area and prevent agglomeration of solids. All exit points are a smaller diameter. Since continuous agitation of the contaminants on the top of the media and strategic locations of exit points, the backwash water requirements are minimal.
  5. During backwash, if using UV bacteria destruction, a rotating wheel attached to plastic scraper rings (activated by flow of backwashing) cleans sight glass of UV lights.

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The AENVIRO Vorticyclo Sand Filter System

Sand Filter Components Picture

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Tangential Inlet Option:
Tangential Inlet Option Picture

Tank Options

Carbon Steel:
Rated at maximum working pressure of 80 psi (552 kPa) and a maximum temperature of 100° F (38° C).

Stainless Steel:
Rated at maximum working pressure of 80 psi (552 kPa) and a maximum temperature of 100° F (38°C).

Rated at a maximum working pressure of 50 psi (552 kPa) and a maximum temperature of 73° F (23°C). ASME rated tanks and higher pressure vessels are available.

Integrated System Options
For a complete AENVIRO water treatment system, please refer to the following complementary Fluidyne Int'l Corp. products:

UV Cleaning Brush Option
Although a sight glass port is standard at the base of the filter tank, a continuously rotating glass cleaning brush is optional.

UV Light Scraper Option
Recommended for sand filters located in areas of heavy soiling of the site glass such as oil film or dirt from roads.

Filter Media Options
Standard: Crushed silica or beach sand and pea gravel for removing 98% of particles larger than 10 microns, 95% of 5 microns or larger and 90% of 1 micron or larger.
Other media: such as crushed granite, activated carbon, zeolite, etc. for removing iron, manganese or odors are available.

Backwash Option for Zero Water Discharge
BRS - Backwash Recovery System using a modified retention tank and AENVIRO Filter Bag Housing™ conforms to virtually zero discharge system.

Filtration Option:
Side stream filtration does the job of full stream filtration via multiple passes and is recommended for new filtration installations since side stream uses much less energy and is less costly in terms of capital investment. At the same time Fluidyine Int'l Corp. products/systems are equally adaptable to full stream systems in existing installations.

Side Stream Filtration Picture

Full Stream Filtration Picture

Sump or Basin Sweeper System Option
Using PVC and/or steel piping manifolds with molded thermoplastic or cast steel venturi-type eductors, the kinetic energy of liquid flow is utilized in agitating the solid contaminants towards the filtration system. Formation of hard scale and
settling of other solid contaminants are prevented, thereby improving cooling tower performance, minimizing downtime and maintenance while creating an improved healthy environment in areas surrounding the water cooling system.

Sweeper System Option Picture

Eductor Type Graph
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Eductor Picture

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Flow Vs. Differential Pressure

Note: The number inside the chart represents the model of sand filter (single or multi-tank) with reference to diameter e.g. 118 = single tank, 18" (457 mm) or 260 = dual tank, 60" (1524 mm), etc.

Flow vs Differential Pressure Graph

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Single Tank Selection Data

Single Tank Selection Table

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Dual/Multi Tank Selection Data

Dual/Multi Tank Selection Table
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Sand Filter Tank Sizes

Sand Filter Tank Sizes
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The Fluidyne AENVIRO Sand Filter System meets or exceeds the following:


Sand Filter System Installation


Sand Filter Illustration
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Separates solids from liquids in high rise commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings.

Applications Includes:


Full Sand Filter Layout
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Heat Exchanger Application
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Relatively short payback period; upgrading to Fluidyne technology can deliver energy, maintenance, downtime savings, and improved health. Conserves 90% of water based on annual usage.

LEED investment; aids in identifying green performance targets including AIR, ENERGY, WATER (LEED points). Recycling and re-use lends itself to sustainable building.

Higher filter efficiency than traditional sand filters; media removes 98% of particles larger than 10 microns, 95% of 5 microns or larger and 90% of 1 micron or larger. See USC test data in technical manual.

Minimizes environmental impact; virtually eliminates pollution resulting from excessive use of chemicals in water via discharge, spills, spray and drift.
No solids or chemicals can enter into sewer system if combined AENVIRO Sand Filter and AENVIRO Dynatronix Precipitator are used.

Protects equipment from early deterioration and fouling problems by separating solids e.g. sand, scale, rust, biofilm, grease and floating organics from supply water or other liquids. Keeps cooling tower basins clean. Extends lifespan.

Optimum sound and vibration control; smooth filtration flow eliminates aggravating structure-borne noise and pipe hammering.

Minimal scheduled maintenance required; contains no
moving parts to wear out or replace and does not require
chemicals or other consumables. Only occasional removal of solids (system purge) is required via a filter bag housing. See "Backwash Option for Zero Water Discharge".


Stainless Steel Dual Tank Filter

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Supply and installation is by Fluidyne Int'l Corp. Essentially the AENVIRO Vorticyclo Sand Filter System is installed in any section of pipe near the equipment to be serviced as recommended by Fluidyne International Corp.


A Fluidyne representative will supply technical assistance, application schematics, system selection, 3-Part specifications, and budget pricing.


5 years against faulty materials or workmanship for AENVIRO Vorticyclo Sand Filter System. One year for the ancilliary equipment.


Minimal scheduled maintenance required.
Periodic check-up of the programming sequence.

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